The Best Free to Play Online Games

We dream of a world when everything would be free. No need for money or any type of currency. What about our video games? The entertainment industry is a money machine that will cost you depending on what your hobbies are. My number one hobby is playing video games. To find those free games, they will be in the psn store for the PlayStation or the Xbox live store for of course the Xbox.

When we spend our hard on cash on a new console, we expect to get something from it right? Free video games but not just any old random boring throw it in there to give people something to play. But what are the best free to play online games? Well here are my top 3 best free video games.

Apex Legends

Now I’ve never heard of this game until about a month or two ago, but once I found it fell in love with it. What is this game about you may wonder? Well, Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royal game. In this game, you will play as legendary characters with special abilities to help you and your team become “Apex Champions.” The best way to play this game is to test out each character and their abilities until you find the ones that you feel more comfortable with. Master that character and then move on until you are able to play with all characters.

By doing this, you will be more equipped to form the ultimate team to take you to the top. You have the choice to go it alone and be matched up with different players or form your 3 man team with friends. The latter is what I prefer but then again, you may have a beastful teammate who can mow down your enemies with ease. Using a good strategy is what this game is about.

You want to outsmart and outshoot your enemies to make it to the top. Besides you and your two partners, you will have an additional 19 teams to battle it out with. You have the opportunity to respawn your teammates when they are downed and can’t be revived.

During the game, you and your teammates decide on where to drop. Once you drop in an area you will be able to find loot such as powerful guns, grenades, and armor. One other thing you will need to get used to are the weapons. These you will have to learn on your own since I too am still learning which weapons are the best.

My number one favorite is the spitfire because it is a monster if you have it suped-up with the diverse attachments. To tell which attachments are better, you will need to look at the color of that attachment. It is ranged by color from White=common, Blue=rare, Purple= Epic, and Gold=Legendary. Once your match is over you gain points that allow you to unlock cosmetics for your characters as well. “Well, guys I hope to see some of you in the Canyon.”



This is one of the best free to play online games in my opinion although it is still in the beta stage. Welcome to Shattered Isles home to huge, powerful, and ravenous behemoths who are after the aether that holds the isles together. These monsters are a threat to you and everyone else. Ramsgate is the home of you and millions of other slayers.

This will be your base of operations where you can get gear such as armor and weapons. Your job is to slay these monsters but you won’t have to go it alone. Form a team with your buddies or with others from around the globe in the hunt for behemoths. Use the power of Behemoths you hunt by converting their parts into powerful armaments.

Dyes, cells, and transmog stones let you further customize looks and load-outs to define your role as a legendary Slayer. NOTE:( Pay attention to what each behemoth’s weakness is and choose weapon accordingly as well as armor.)

There are a total of 6 weapons that you can choose from Sword, Hammer, Axe, Twin Blades, War-Pike and Repeaters(dual pistols). Choose your weapon and refine your skills until you get to the top mastery rank with it. I love this game and I’m pretty sure you will too.



How many of you as a child loved watching movies and cartoons/anime that involved ninjas? What about battles in space? Well, your prayers have been answered because Warframe brings all of it together in one melting pot.

This is still one of the most impressive action games out right now. It is like a combination of Halo and Mass effect with a bonus of (you got it…) martial arts-inspired combat system. Think about it, you play as a SPACE NINJA!!!

Warframe includes numerous customization options, which gives you the chance to modify your Warframe hero (exo-suit). This will allow you to set your gear according to the playstyle that fits you best. You will be given your own personal ship which you can also customize both inside and out. This will be your base of operations.

Now, whats a space ninja game without wall running and soaring across a room right? Well, you will have about seven different parkour techniques to use in order to reach hard to get places or get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

If you are just getting your console or have the new console and haven’t tried this game, then shame on you lol. It is a great free to play the game especially when your playing along with friends.


Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now. The original game was intitled Fortnite: Save the World which was a cooperative defense game where players held off enemies by building fortifications. Although this sounds like a great game, this version isn’t the one that became the most popular. Many gamers focused on competitive gameplay (battle royal).

In this player vs player environment version of the game, you fight to be the last character to standing. Sounds a little like Apex right? I know. You don’t have to go it alone in this game.

You can form a team of four and fight your way to be the last remaining team standing. The game begins once you drop from a floating school bus out of the sky and start searching for weapons and armor. Not only do you have to fight other players but you also need to keep in mind of the storm that is constantly creeping up on you and enclosing the map.

If you are in the storm your health gets taking away little by little so its best to get in the safe zone and watch your surroundings for unsuspected players doing the same as you.

One important part of this game is that you have the ability to build your own fortifications to help get an edge on the other players. Now, this is one aspect of the game the differs from all other battle royals. It is a great game to play especially to kill time and clown with your friends.

Finish IT

Once again these were the top 4 of the best free to play games that I thought deserved a little shine in the spotlight. If you want to hunt monsters in style and for free, then, I would recommend Dauntless. Want to be a master at martial arts and in space saving the world, then Warframe is what you’re searching for. When you want some good old solo or squad futuristic battles then you would choose Apex Legends.

If you want to be king of the battle royal and show off your building skills while grabbing a few kills then Fortnite is the game for you. Free to play is always a good thing but when the games are great then it becomes a bonus to the gamer. Well now that I have mentioned my top 4 best free to play games, I’d like to see which free to play games are in your top 4?

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Conrad C.


Hilary Johnstone

I really love Apex, and while I haven’t tried Dauntless, it sounds interesting. I am a huge Overwatch fan, and while its popularity is maybe not as high as Fortnite – I like it a little better. I also find it interesting that the Dauntless lady is wearing a similar outfit as Symmetra! XD These are all great recommendations, and for people looking to find a good community online, these are great places to do so. I also think that if they want to check it out prior to diving in, a quick trip to Twitch or Mixer might let them know what they’re getting into!

Conrad C.

You have a great point there. Twitch and Mixer would be the best ways to check a game out before deciding on diving right in as you put it. Overwatch was and still is a good game. I’ve been watching many matches on Twitch haha. If you ever decide to try Dauntless let me know. I can help you out and give you a few pointers.


I only know Fortnite, but Dauntless also seemd like a good game to me. I’m not much of gameplayer, but your article convinced me to start playing more games. They look interesting.

Conrad C.

Hi Christine, well if you want to play more games I would recommend watching Twitch or Mixer. These will allow you to see the gameplay and give you an idea of what the game is like. I’m sure you will find many other games that will catch your eye.


Ohh what an awesome list! I already played warframe since Beta and it is for sure one of the best free games on steam back then! fortnite is good when I played it but I did not like the mechanics that much and it lacks some stuff to my taste for games! But it is amazing to see such a good list!
But I want to read for real about best MMORPG games out there! especially new ones.

Thanks for this amazing post! looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Conrad C.

Warframe was a great game especially since my dad loved martial art movies and it grew on me. So, of course, I would love being a space ninja. I’ll take a look into MMORPG’s. I haven’t played many so far but I’ll give them a shot and see which ones I can recommend for you.


I haven’t played these games before, what I used to play is DOTA and not these ones, so I find it answering my son’s questions about Fortnite like what is deep freeze set, frostbite outfit, cold front glider and other terminologies he’s mentioning. So, I guess this list of yours will be my starting point in my long journey learning these kid’s stuff. Thanks for the list.


Hi Gomer, I started to get into the Fortnite thanks to my little brother. He is pretty good at it and like you, I would have to ask him about some of that terminology since I haven’t played it in a while. But I am glad this list can give you a jump start.

Jordan Smith

Wow! A big thanks to you for this. I’ve only played dauntless, and it’s really cool; The variety of weapons and the minimalist art style help differentiate Dauntless from other monster hunter clones. After all, few games in the genre also come with guns. The design and variety of the behemoths also help differentiate it.

Thanks again for this.



Your welcome Jordan and I do agree with you on how Dauntless has its own style from the weapons to the behemoths.  This has been my number one game that I can’t put down haha. Who doesn’t want to hunt monsters with powerful revolvers that you can customize the way you want. 


This is awesome. I am always a big fan of FREE. You make each game sound so exciting. If I were an avid gamer, I would try them all. My son-in-law loves these type of games and I’m sure he will love the fact that he doesn’t have to pay for them. I will be sure to jot them down and tell him all about them. I’m sure he’ll like your website as well. Thanks

Conrad C.

Welcome TG, I’m sure he will enjoy these games if he is like me and you can never go wrong when it is free.


I’m always looking for ways to decompress my brain online as I do lot’s of mind-numbing work. One of the best ways to do that is with online games. I’m always on the lookout for free games and you’ve provided an excellent list here. Of course I’ve heard a lot about Fortnite and it’s nice to know that there’s a free version out there. I hadn’t heard a lot about Dauntless until now. I like that you can gather a team to battle enemies and that it appears to be a really solid strategy game. I’ll definitely be checking it out further, thank you!


Your welcome Pentrental, solo on some of these games are good but teaming up with your friends makes the game even more enjoyable. Get Your Game On my friend!


This is really cool. I have a 13 year old son and he just got a xbox 1 for his birthday but he doesn’t play any of the games that we bought him. He just plays Fortnite with his friends online. I didn’t know that xbox and other gaming systems come with free games, I could have saved my money on the three games I bought him lol. But I am glad I came across this post because I didn’t know where all these games he was playing was coming from. Great article, very helpful. Definitely going to share this on Facebook so others can be informed as well.


Glad this article was able to help. Check out the Xbox play store for other free games and if he has the Xbox gold/live he will be able to check on the latest game they give for free each month.

Madysen Wilcox

Awesome post! I have bookmarked it for my husband, he loves this stuff! I was shocked to see that Fortnite wasn’t on here, but I saw that the first one on the list was Apex, so my question for you, is would you rather play Apex or Fortnite? Seeing that they’re similar, I feel like they’re a good comparison. My husband LOVES Fortnite, but all his friends are trying to convert him over to Apex.

Conrad C.

Well to answer your question, I am more in favor of playing Apex. It has a better feel to the game with futuristic style weapons and special abilities that each character has. Plus most of my friends play Apex. I know one of the differences in Apex is that you can only have a squad of 3 people instead of 4 like Fortnite. Each game has its own good qualities in itself.

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