What is the Best Gaming Console- Xbox One X or Ps4 Pro


Welcome to Gamer’s Treasure Trove ladies and gentlemen. Today I want to discuss what is the best gaming console. There are two consoles that you may think of and they are the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro.

I will acknowledge that I own the Ps4 Pro and the Xbox One S but not the X. Just wanted to make that clear before we begin because I know someone will say, “He will be biased because he has the Pro”.

I promise I will be fair on both sides. Now Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro (11/10/16) has been out a year longer than Microsoft’s Xbox One X (11/7/17) which in my opinion gave the Xbox time to bake a little longer in the oven until Microsoft felt that it was done.

With that being said I believe Microsoft had time to do the upgrading once Sony announced their latest console and what it would be capable of accomplishing. These two giants have focused on 4k capabilities due to the new 4k TVs that are prevalent now.

If you have a 4k TV and are in the market for a console ask yourself, “What is it I want it to do for me and is it worth my money?” We’ll take a look at both of the competitors here and after all, is said and done, you will have your champion console.


Let’s take a look at what both of these machines have under the hood.

                          Xbox One X                                                              PlayStation 4 Pro

CPU 2.3GHz 8-core AMD custom “Jaguar” CPU        2.1GHz 8-core AMD custom “Jaguar” CPU

GPU         Integrated AMD graphics with                           Integrated AMD Polaris graphics with

6 teraflops of performance                                    4.2 teraflops of performance

RAM                12GB GDDR5                                                       8GB GDDR5

Storage            1TB hard drive                                                      1TB

Optical Drive    4K/HDR Blu-ray drive                                    Blu-ray/DVD

Checking out the chart, it is obvious which one is a few steps above or ahead of the other. Both consoles are working with a custom 8-core AMD CPU, but the Xbox One X tends to push further with over 200 MHz of speed faster than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

In the GPU category, the X allows for more potential to be pulled from its 6 teraflops. Memory also plays a great part in this contest. With the X’s 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM vs the Ps4 Pro’s 8 GB of GDDR5, it boosts its memory bandwidth to 326GB/s over 218GB/s on the Ps4 Pro. When you look at how wide the gap is in the GPU and the memory of the two its no doubt who takes the goal.


When it comes to the home theater entertainment which is the best choice. Well if we go back to the chart once again you notice that the X has the 4K UHD optical drive. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, was built more toward supporting 4K gaming and it still includes the standard Blu-ray player. This means that it cannot play UHD Blu-ray discs.

Although the PlayStation 4 Pro is not able to perform in that way, it can be used to stream 4K video through apps such as Netflix just to name one. The Pro also supports virtual reality through its PlayStation VR headset. While the Xbox One X comes with AA batteries for its controller, the Pro bundles a USB charging cable for its controller.


Games are the bread and butter for the gaming consoles and having a nice size library with a variety of great games keep the players. The PlayStation 4 has a nice size library of games amounting to 1073. The Xbox One X has an enormous library that includes backward compatibility games bringing the grand total to 1775 games.

The Xbox One X will also have the ability to enhance the older games improving their graphics. Being that Sony and Microsoft are competitors, it would only be right that each of the respective consoles would have games exclusive to them. PlayStation 4″s exclusives include Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, and Uncharted 4 just to name a few. Xbox One’s top exclusives included: Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Killer Instinct and a few others.

Depending on what your genre of games will probably help you decide which is the best for you. In my opinion, Xbox had the best shooter games whether first person or third person games such as Gears Of War and the Halo Series. PlayStation had the best RPGs such as the Final Fantasy saga. NOTE: this is only my opinion. Whatever genre of games you like will help you make your decision on which is the best option for you.


If this were a fantasy, right now we would have both systems connected to our 4K TV in the living room with no problem. Sorry guy, but there is a problem. It’s a little something called money that is needed to purchase the consoles. At the moment if you were to pick up a PlayStation 4 Pro it will cost you about $399 plus tax. The Xbox One X will cost you $499 plus tax which is significantly more than the Pro.

Also, during the holiday season, Sony will be able to give discounts being that it has a strong foothold on the market. You will be looking at a $100 difference in price between the two. The best way to save you that $100 is if you can get the system with a promotion that includes a game with it as well. At this point, the Ps4 Pro would win out over the Xbox One X in price value for those looking to upgrade to the latest gen console.


Which is the Best Gaming Console?

There is no doubt that when it comes to power, the Xbox One X out beats the PS4 Pro. With its memory bandwidth, CPU, GPU and outperform the PS4. Despite all the power the Xbox One X has it still has a distinct lack of great fun and exciting first-party games will make the Pro more attractive to choose.

Once again I am not going to tell you what to choose. If you are searching for power that includes home entertainment theater, money isn’t a big issue and you love the Xbox titles then the Xbox One X is for you. But if your looking for a cheaper way yet still get that 4K experience and not miss out on the PlayStation exclusives; then the PS4 is what you are looking for. Once again the answer to the question depends on what you are are looking for as a gamer.


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Conrad C.


Tomas Bishop

I always stood by PlayStation, and never even gave Xbox a chance to see what they may have to offer. Lately I been thinking about getting an Xbox one. I’m always hearing about how the online experience is way better. Apparently they have way less down time and don’t get hacked as much. 

Conrad C.

Yes, your right about the downtime and no the Xbox one won’t be as easy to hack because Microsoft learned from the past consoles. They implemented new strategies or software that would make it difficult for someone to copy or rewrite code for a game.


Hi Conrad,

Thanks for the great and fair comparison! I grew up being a huge playstation guy, but I switched over to Xbox during my high school years as that was the cool thing to have. I am still an Xbox guy although, I will admit that I have felt the urge to switch back to playstation over the recent years. I think that the playstation games that don’t come out for xbox are typically better than a lot of the ones made solely for xbox. That being said, I do like Xbox live and a lot of the other features so I will probably stick with Xbox for now. I think that the best way to win the war here is to own both as you do!! Thanks again. I really enjoyed this and learned a lot about both systems.

Conrad C.

Dan I think I was the same way . Xbox was the number one system for me because of Halo mainly . I had cousins and friends that had Xbox and PlayStation which is how later on down the line I decided to snag the PS4 Pro but it did take me a while to switch over . Like you said those exclusive games caught my attention . Horizon Zero Dawn was the first game I bought for it, and the graphics were amazing . All in all you are correct , if you can, just grab both so that way you’ll have the best of both worlds .


Thank you for this detailed analysis. I was wondering what the best console was In case I ever want to get one for myself or as a gift. I thought you were comparison chart was very helpful for understanding the specifications.
It seems to me that a big factor in deciding a console is what games you like, like you said. I like RPG games the most and I am familiar with Final Fantasy so I would probably lean towards PlayStation.
Where do you think is the best place to buy it? I will come back to your page if I decide that I want to get the console. Thanks!
By the way your website is visually very nice and very cool color scheme.

Conrad C.

Hi Charles, I’m glad this was able to help you out. In my opinion on the best place to purchase a console would probably say Amazon because they usually have great deals on the consoles including a game or two that they throw in with it.  You’re welcome Charles.

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