What’s The Best Gaming Headset? – Wired or Wireless

So you just bought the latest console and it came with a cheap little basic headset. You will probably use this for a few times until you get tired of it or it breaks on you. Now you are on the hunt for a new gaming headset. You may be wondering what’s the best gaming headset for me and should I get a wired or wireless one?

Well for the casual computer user it may not make a difference to them whether they use a wired gaming headset or a wireless gaming headset. Some may not understand that there are significant differences between the two. For us gamers, we know that it does make a difference.

To help settle the confusion we will take a look into some pros and cons of both the wired and wireless gaming headsets. By the time you are done reading the article, you should have a pretty good idea on where you will want to go in the way of a new gaming headset. Let’s get to it!

Wired or Wireless

Before we get into the pros and cons of these two different headsets, we might want to familiarize ourselves with what they are and their functionality when it comes to gaming. A wired headset would be considered those that can connect to a console(controller) or computer using (wait for it…..) a wired connector.

A wireless headset, on the other hand, use electronic signals to connect with the console(controller) or computer. Now that you have been introduced to both types of headsets; I think it is time to get our pros and cons lesson underway.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the first things that pop in my mind when I’m on the hunt for a new gaming headset. For the most part, when it comes to sound quality the wired headsets will take the goal because they give you the maximum transmission speeds at all times.

The wireless does have a downside to it when it comes to sound quality. If there are any other signals emitting in the area, you could experience some interference with the sound during your gaming. This doesn’t mean that wireless is inferior to the wired headsets.

I can attest to that with my stealth 600 ps4 wireless headset. But for those who are looking for better sound quality wireless headsets be prepared to open your wallets a little wider.

Comfort and Design

In terms of looking at the wireless headset, it gives you more leeway and freedom when it comes to movement since you will not have a wire connected you won’t have to worry about any tangle issues. These are a major convenience if you are playing games on you are TV instead of sitting at a desk. However, in order to use wireless headsets, they will need to be charged. How many times will you need to charge it will depend on how often use it.

Some of the latest wireless models will come with a USB adapter to connect to a gaming console. ” You win some you lose some, ” this saying may be familiar to some but what do I mean when I say that. The wired headset sacrifices the flexibility that the wireless one has because your movement is limited to how long the cord is.

The pro for the wired headset is that you can just plug them up and start your gaming at any time. Another con about the wired headsets is that they can be used as chew toys for your pets if you are not careful.

You may also think about the wear and tear of your cord and how easy it could be for you to damage it either because of excitement from a match or just being a bit clumsy and tripping over it. Hey, it happens to us all at times, hopefully not as often.


Another point to think about is how much am I willing to spend on a new headset? This may go hand in hand with the sound quality as I mentioned earlier. In terms of prices for the headsets, wireless will be you are most expensive compared to the wired version.

Keep in mind that the wireless headsets need to have a constant power supply in order for it to perform at its best. The wired can just be connected to the audio jack in you are control or computer and that’s it. Another thing to take into consideration is that if you decide to go cheap, do not expect great quality from those headsets.

Cheap headsets will not equal the best quality and sometimes the headset that you paid more for won’t give you the best quality. Find yourself a common medium within your budget and then do research on those particular headsets whether wired or wireless in your price range.

From One Gamer to Another

When it comes to searching for a new gaming headset it ultimately depends on you and what you want and what you are looking for. I’m not here to tell you which one you should pick because I, on the other hand, have both wired and wireless so I am well acquainted with the pros and cons. One other tidbit that I just realized. The wired headset that I bought for one system was compatible with the other.

Always keep in mind that you want the best sound quality for your money. Meaning you really don’t have to spend $300 on a particular headset whether wireless or not when you can find a different name brand with the same quality but for less.

Be a smart shopper and save. Sometimes to be a smart shopper is finding the right headset that is compatible with both gaming console and computer or just two different gaming consoles. Make sure you are comfortable with the headset and it sounds great.

Ok, guys and gals, once again, I’m not going to point you in either direction, but if you want great sound quality, still have $$$ in your pockets and don’t mind a few trips to the floor every now and again then I would recommend getting a wired headset. I hope the comparison between the wired and wireless headsets helped to lead you to your goal of finding the perfect headset for you.



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Conrad C.


christian chukwudolue

I love the detailed analysis. I now have very valuable information to help me purchase a better game headset next time I need one. Thanks for the wonderful job. Have a nice day.

Conrad C.

Hi Christian,
I’m glad I could help. Having gone through it all really makes me want to help others avoid the mistakes that some of my friends and I made when choosing great quality gaming headsets.

Betsy Johnsen

I really appreciate this information about the important differences between wired and wireless headsets! Thank you for the education – I would not have thought of some of these things. To Your Success!

Conrad C.

Yes Betsy , when it comes to buying a headset a lot is involved especially for a gamer.

Lakeisha Collins

This is quite an impressive article. I would ordinarily walk in a store and read what it says and pick one based on….well not much solid information. But I want the best. Just didn’t know what to consider or what to look for. It’s a good thing that I read this before buying a gift for my avid gamer of a husband. Thanks for the tips!

Conrad C.

Hi Lakeisha,

I am glad that the information helped you. Choosing a headset is pretty important for a gamer. If your husband games as much as I do, I’m sure he’ll love the gift you get him.


This awesome insightful, thorough post is just amazing for me, I always struggle between wired and wireless hardware for my PC. However, my choice always goes for the Wired one because I feel it is much better than wireless now maybe because in my country most of the hardware not that good they come from China and the quality is not the best but in the same time I am playing video games since 1998 so I just prefer old school hardware! on the other hand, wireless hardware like headsets nowadays is amazing and better than before so it is good to see such improvement in this!

Conrad C.

Yeah, Mohammad, they have been improving the wireless ones a lot. My Sony turtle beach stealth has better sound quality than my wired headset for the Xbox. I have a bass boost as well as superhuman hearing mode. This allows me to hear footsteps better on certain games and the direction that they are coming from.

Anthony Hu

Thank you for your post. It is timely article for me. It is the 2nd times that my son broke the wire of the gaming headset. We are researching and planning to buy a new one. My 10 year old son tried to walk around while play game using the wired gaming headset. 

Apparently to avoid this trouble happens again, we need to purchase a wireless gaming headset. Is it right? do you have suggestions for us? I see the wireless headset is more expensive than that of wired headset. 

Do you have suggestion for my son on how to prevent damage to headset?

It is nice of you sharing this useful information with us.

Conrad C.

Yes there is a wireless headset that I bought called the turtle beach stealth 600. It is a great wireless headset and I believe it’s under $100.00 on Amazon. You can find some cheaper wireless headsets for him as well especially if he is rough with his gaming equipment.  What gaming console does your son have? I have both a wired and wireless controller so, but when I a m done with my wired controller, I would hang it on the side of my desk and wrap the wire around the hook so that it doesn’t accidentally step on. I hope this helps. 

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